Store Policy

By purchasing from ** Xeolots ** and/or *XeoLife*
you are agreeing to the following agreements:

  • All ** Xeolots ** products are PG.
  • Free updates on all our items. (Non-retired)
  • Gift cards are not accepted on our L$50 Friday/weekend deal.
  • No redelivery on Lucky Chairs.
  • No redelivery on Midnight Mania.
  • Sorry, but no refunds. (Unless double purchased or reason below)
  • Did a product go on sale/lowered price within 2 weeks of your purchase? Contact Xelm Snowpaw to get the difference refunded! (Example: You purchase the Jungle Gym for the full price of L$299 and within 10 days of your purchase it goes on sale for 50% off, you can get L$149 refunded by contacting Xelm Snowpaw)

** Xeolots ** Store Policy 2 November 2017.