Blog #012 – My Mailbox.

My Mailbox

— Story —

Xelm is about to check his little treehouse mailbox, what kind of mail would he find?
Maybe a new adventure quest?

— Featured Props —
Old Stick Perched Mailboxes by *PAN*ThimbleEvent

— Props —
Autumn Canopy Retreat by Jian
Ash Trees by Jian
Wayfarer’s Well by [DDD]

— Outfit —
Hair: *B&G*71-White(Add flexi) by Dura
Shirt: ScienceDog by Loki
Pants: Snowboard by Loki
Ears: Steking_Ears_Season 5 by MANDALA
Fluffy Neko Tail (Bento) by Sweet Thing
Bracelet: “Autism/#Cub4Life/Alexx’s Kitten” by [Spaz]

— Song —

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