Blog #019 – A Land Of Wonder

Blog #019: A Land Of Wonder

— Story —
“Childhood means simplicity. Look at the world with the child’s eye – it is very beautiful.”
Little Baby Carrot Xelm went to Paleo Quest with some friends, a world full of wonder and happiness. Even when being attacked by monsters, ants and falling into the mud multiple times he had a great day.

— Location —
Linden Labs Free Portal Park World @ Paleo Quest.

— Xelm Outfit —
Hair: *B&G*7...

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Blog #015 – Flower Boy.

Flower Boy - Preparing

— Story —

19 August 2017, The date Kitten’s grandad got married.
For his first wedding ever, he struggled to get into his little suit.
He struggled to get into those shoes, and he wanted to eat his flower.
But in the end, It was a great day and very beautiful. Thank you for letting me be there.

— Outfit —
Hair: *B&G*71-White(Add flexi) by Dura
Flower: Evocative Floral “Rose” Boutonniere Antiq...

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Blog #013 – Waiting For you.

Waiting For You

— Story —

30 July 2015 was the date, The date Xelm and his girlfriend got together.
Now he’s waiting for her to come home on their 2 years anniversary,
Who knew he could sit still so long?

— Outfit —
Hair: *B&G*71-White(Add flexi) by Dura
Hat: Straw Cowboy by Riders
Flowers: True Love Bouquet by SM
Dubble Hoodie by Meshmerized
Pants: Utility Cargos by Meshmerized
Ears: Steking_Ears_Season 5 b...

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Blog #008 – When Daddy Isn’t Home.

When Daddy Isn't Home

— Story —

Every parent has to make a decisions sometime.. They get called to work for a few days and have to decide if they can trust their kids or not while being away from home. If they should get a babysitter or think their boys are old enough to take care of the house. Sometimes the wrong decisions is made.. and may result in an unexpected return. Welcome home!

— Props —

Fire Truck: TPF-1 En...

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Blog #002 – The world is magical

The world is magical

— Story —

Once in a while the world can be so magical, full of nature, shiny things and nice smells. Oh, and dino-poo on a stick. If you never been to PaleoQuest before i really recommend you check it out. It’s one of my favorite things to do in Second Life with family and friends, it’s hard at first and can be frustrating but it’s also great fun...

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