Blog #021 – Be The Bridge

Blog #021: Be The Bridge

— Story —
“I want to be the bridge to the next generation.” — As Xelm was exploring around he found an amazing bridge leading to an unknown location. He looked around to see where it would lead and decided to sit down on the edge for a moment. Looking down a big stream covered in rocks, he is very glad someone has build a bridge to move forward...

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Blog #020 – The Waiting Game

Blog #020: The Waiting Game

— Story —
As Xelm returns home from school, his dad was waiting for him. With a strict look he pointed at the door of his room and said. “In your room now! Put on your pajamas and no playing games.” Yep, school called and told his dad he bit another kid from class again. Now Xelm is in trouble and does not look very happy with the result of his behavior. And so, the waiting game begins.

— Xelm O...

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Blog #019 – A Land Of Wonder

Blog #019: A Land Of Wonder

— Story —
“Childhood means simplicity. Look at the world with the child’s eye – it is very beautiful.”
Little Baby Carrot Xelm went to Paleo Quest with some friends, a world full of wonder and happiness. Even when being attacked by monsters, ants and falling into the mud multiple times he had a great day.

— Location —
Linden Labs Free Portal Park World @ Paleo Quest.

— Xelm Outfit —
Hair: *B&G*7...

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Blog #018 – Magic Plants

Blog #018: Magic Plants

— Story —
“Green is the prime color of the world, And that from which its loveliness arises”
Sometimes to connect with ourselves, we have to connect with nature. Help it grow to help ourselves grow.
Xelm can feel the magic that sneaks up on him when putting a little effort into making the world a better place.

— Store Event Location —
*PAN* Hydroponics Indoor Garden Set Available @ Cosmopolitan (...

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Blog #017 – Fashion Dream Job

Fashion Dream Job

— Story —
We all have a dream job growing up. Sometimes it’s something cool kids see, sometimes it’s cute, and sometimes parents are an inspiration. For Xelm, he dreams to become a fashion model one day. To walk the stage and show off his outfit and himself and to be an inspiration to others...

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Blog #016 – Xelm And Yuu Train.

Xelm And Yuu Train

— Story —
Xelm and Yuu can be quite the trouble together,
they don’t often share their toys very well and seem to bite a lot.
But sometimes they can behave and play together,
trains! They like trains! The Xelm & Yuu Train!

— Featured Props —
Alphabet Train Set by *PAN*
Sock Monkey – “Pan’s Toys” by *PAN*
Toy Tractor by ** Xeolots **

— Xelm Outfit —
Featured: Hoodie: Unicorns Are As Real… ...

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Blog #015 – Flower Boy.

Flower Boy - Preparing

— Story —

19 August 2017, The date Kitten’s grandad got married.
For his first wedding ever, he struggled to get into his little suit.
He struggled to get into those shoes, and he wanted to eat his flower.
But in the end, It was a great day and very beautiful. Thank you for letting me be there.

— Outfit —
Hair: *B&G*71-White(Add flexi) by Dura
Flower: Evocative Floral “Rose” Boutonniere Antiq...

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Blog #014 – Farewell Station.

Farewell Station

— Story —

The young Jedi prepares himself to say farewell his station after fighting off the dark side,
with the station to badly damaged there is no other choice than to leave.
Every thing comes to an end, I just wish it wasn’t so close yet.

— Outfit —
Outfit: Jedi Outfit – Light by [OKIDDO]
Fluffy Neko Tail (Bento) by Sweet Thing
Hand Of Ren Mesh Lightsaber Hilt by George Orellana

— Song...

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Blog #013 – Waiting For you.

Waiting For You

— Story —

30 July 2015 was the date, The date Xelm and his girlfriend got together.
Now he’s waiting for her to come home on their 2 years anniversary,
Who knew he could sit still so long?

— Outfit —
Hair: *B&G*71-White(Add flexi) by Dura
Hat: Straw Cowboy by Riders
Flowers: True Love Bouquet by SM
Dubble Hoodie by Meshmerized
Pants: Utility Cargos by Meshmerized
Ears: Steking_Ears_Season 5 b...

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Blog #012 – My Mailbox.

My Mailbox

— Story —

Xelm is about to check his little treehouse mailbox, what kind of mail would he find?
Maybe a new adventure quest?

— Featured Props —
Old Stick Perched Mailboxes by *PAN*ThimbleEvent

— Props —
Autumn Canopy Retreat by Jian
Ash Trees by Jian
Wayfarer’s Well by [DDD]

— Outfit —
Hair: *B&G*71-White(Add flexi) by Dura
Shirt: ScienceDog by Loki
Pants: Snowboard by Loki
Ears: Steki...

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